Growing up in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne, Rod Ceballos spent most of his youth in libraries with his head in books and hands busy drawing comics.


After years of trying to draw the surreal, he discovered photography while studying design at RMIT and became fascinated by the real. The camera allowed him to capture fragments of reality and steal fractions of time in a way that his pencils and brushes simply could not.


Today Rod works as a freelance photographer, focusing on community events, editorial work and everything else that lets him hold a camera. While some day he'd like to earn the label of 'artist', for now he prefers being a 'creative', and is more interested in capturing the stories of others than in inventing his own.


Rod's new project is Beholder and consists of video interviews for people wishing to share their personal history with their private audience. Rod  believes that all generations should know about their forefathers, and there's no one better to tell such stories than the people who lived them.


Rod Ceballos is a Chilean born photographer residing in the suburb of Rosanna, City of Banyule, with his wife, two daughters and a random group of cockatoos that knock on his window expecting to be fed.

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