Banyule 20/20 aims to capture bits of history through the stories of twenty local residents. Sometimes retrospective, often current and always personal, the stories and portraits form a patchwork of experiences, sentiment and ideas that reflect Australia since the 1930s. This is not the history of school books and museums, but that of everyday people you may meet on the streets of our suburbs, and perhaps have something in common with. Everyone featured in this project volunteered freely, with the sole selection criteria being that they’ve lived in Banyule for over ten years. The interviewer had no knowledge of anyone besides their name and suburb, and participants were free to share what they wanted to. Banyule 20/20 is a project created and produced by local photographer Rod Ceballos, and could not have been possible without the support of Banyule City Council via its Community Grants program, and Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries providing the ideal exhibition space. The photographer would like to thank all the Banyule 20/20 participants for their trust, and his family and friends for their support. His grandparents, Hector Ceballos and Georgina Piedra, were the motivation for this project; sharing a hundred tales of times and places that no longer exist, they taught him everyone is history worth writing, and that we can all write.